about us

Image showing CentreIT database and performance

CentreIT consulting service areas include application development, 508 remediation, database and datawarehouse design and performance tuning.

CentreIT services include consulting on over 15 databases including Sybase™, SQL Server™, DB2™ and Oracle™.

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our mission

  • 1.

    Identify Our Clients Needs

    Identify our clients core needs and provide solutions based upon a deep understanding of these needs.

  • 2.

    Provide Sustainable Technology

    CentreIT strives to always provide our clients not just with an IT "solution", but one that can is easily maintainable and flexible.

  • 3.

    Strive For Customer Focus

    CentreIT focus on our customer is key to our mission. We always look at our customer needs first and how to meet customer goals, every day.


This project was 16 months behind schedule at start of effort. CentreIT personnel were brought in and delivered the project on-time and within budget.



CentreIT successfully built an extremely high transaction

rate system of over 500,000 transaction bursts within 2

minutes windows.


hong kong jockey club


CentreIT's expertise with Crystal Reports gained performance improvements for Geelong hospital with their reports from hours down to minutes for processing times.


Geelong hospital


CentreIT database performance expertise successfully gained performance improvement of reports from 12 hours to 15 minutes for database restores.