System testing services

  • Test Plan Development

    CentreIT understanding of entire system components allows us to create plans to properly exercise you project functionality. From database queries/updates, programming, reporting tools to hardware operation, we can create test plans to exercise each subcomponent, and then integrate to system level plans. Once you have a tested system, we can support user acceptance testing to ensure satisfaction of user needs. CentreIT believes in the importance of early testing and brings user acceptance and system level testing requirements in at the earliest stage of project development. CentreIT has provided clients with Testing Checklists to ensure training of testing methodologies to all levels of developers.

    Test Plan Execution

    Upon creation of the plans, CentreIT can provide testers to support the execution of the plans. CentreIT personnel have an understanding of multiple databases, languages, and operating systems. Often, our personnel can provide knowledge to uncover the actual issue of a test result guiding developers to quickly fix the issue.

    Scripting for Regression, Load and Performance Testing

    CentreIT utilizes many testing tools to support client needs. We utilize regression testing where possible to quickly retest new releases. Use of tools such as Rational, Mercury, and SQA allow us to script test cases to provide repeated regression tests that quickly evaluate new releases. These tools allow us to shorten the testing cycle on future releases. Scripts can be generated to handle functional testing, error handling, load balancing, and stress testing in addition to basic system testing.

    Methodology Creation

    CentreIT has supported many clients in testing basics. Helping developers understand testing through simple checklists can often improve quality of developments. This allows testing issues to be found early in the testing cycle saving costs in the project life cycle. We can help you create corporate Testing guidelines and methodologies to be used across all levels of your project development. These guidelines can be streamlined for commercial product release schedules or full spectrum to support certification in standards such as ISO9000, SEI, or CMM.

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