web & mobile development

  • Web GUI Design and Prototyping

    Utilizing the prototypes and storyboarding, CentreIT can provide full requirement specifications in compliance with ISO, SEI, or CMM standards or streamlined to quick releases. Use of tools such as Rational provide a means of entry of these requirements for traceability through testing later.

    Detailed Design

    Upon understanding of the functional requirements, CentreIT can design the overall system. We utilize numerous products depending on the client environments to complete the design process. Methodologies such as Use Cases, DeMarco, and OOD are used with multiple toolsets depending on client preference. Should you wish to move to a new methodology, we can provide recommendations, training, and toolsets for your environment needs.

    Application Coding

    Upon approval of the detailed design, CentreIT develops modularly to provide for releases in 2-4 month increments, adding the core functionality in the foundation layer, and building upon this until the complete functionality is finished. The foundation layer consists of the web or reporting front end, com objects or middle tier applications and the backend database design to support the data required. Many tools are used to support development. CentreIT specializes in VB, C and Java developments utilizing Windows/Unix/Linux environments with Oracle, SQLServer, and Sybase databases.

    Presentations/webinars/Training CDs

    With expertise in multiple other languages and databases, CentreIT can integrate legacy applications in the module building process. Upon completion of the system, CentreIT can develop web based or CD-Rom based training utilities to train your users worldwide on the new development. For your presentations, we can provide high quality presentations in Director, Flash, or Powerpoint depending on your needs. If you desire, CentreIT can also provide packaging, display, and advertising graphics to compliment you product needs.

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