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  • Custom Report Design and Development Services

    CentreIT is one of the leading Reporting experts internationally. We can support your reporting needs from simple queries to complex cross-tab or OLAP reporting. CentreIT specializes in multiple reporting packages including Crystal Reports, Cognos, Actuate, Brio and more. CentreIT has performed multiple conversions and enterprise level implementations for the last 15 years for our valued customers. CentreIT has worked closely with many of the top vendors internationally and has developed widely used software packages to enhance database and reporting effectiveness.

    Report Project Planning

    CentreIT understanding reporting needs and having supported full methodologies for ISO9000, SEI, and CMM evaluations, has developed a custom reporting methodology to cut up to 75% off the design and development time for reporting implementations. We have special design tools to help project the system specifications as well as capture your business report design. These tools have been incorporated into CentreIT products to allow for your reuse on later projects. This project planning incorporates system specification and ordering as well as the reporting database needs to provide the best performance for your users. Every CentreIT reporting project or tuning effort is provided with this methodology free of charge to our clients.

    Report Design and Implementation

    CentreIT design and implementation includes the use of CentreIT products that have allowed us to streamline our development. If an existing development is to be integrated, these tools provide a fast means to reengineer specifications so CentreIT developers can get quickly up to speed to incorporate changes. Use of these tools can cut the schedule for completion by no longer requiring a manual effort over several weeks. Understanding of databases lets CentreIT provide the quickest reports by allowing reporting tools to utilize the database to narrow searches and use database stored procedures to optimize queries. This understanding lets CentreIT take reports previously taking many hours down to only a few minutes to run.

    Performance Testing and Tuning

    CentreIT tools let us analyze your existing developments to utilize system and database modifications to improve your reporting performance. Years of utilizing many reporting tools such as Seagate Crystal Reports and Info, Business Objects, Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay, Reporting Services, and SQR have let us be able to analyze the reports to provide quick recommendations to gain up to 5000% performance improvements. Evaluations have been our specialty internationally resulting in creation of CentreIT products to reach clients faster and at less cost. We can recommend modifications in all aspects of the system to improve your reporting needs and provide a cost benefit for each so you achieve the quickest gains at the least cost.

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