Database & data warehouse services

  • Database Design and Performance Tuning

    Data warehousing efforts are quickly becoming commonplace in today's industry. CentreIT's experience in multiple databases such as BigData, Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase, UDB/DB2, MySQL, and over 25 databases lets us provide quick implementations with experts understanding the performance and uniqueties in each database to build a strong foundation for your data warehouse. Our experience extends to multiple Pedabyte scale implementations. CentreIT can provide Storage Area Network (SAN) and Solid State solutions to dramatically improve database performance and provide fast storage for up to multiple Petabytes of data.

    Schema Design

    CentreIT supports the base infrastructure of data warehouses with proper database design. Schema designs from star, snowflake, meta layering data warehouses begin each implementation to ensure the best performance for retrievals and reporting. CentreIT supports many tools in this design such as PowerDesigner, Visio, Erwin, and System Architect.


    Upon determining the base schema, this foundation is again modified to incorporate security for the multiple levels of users in an implementation. Security can be designed in the database as well as in the reporting and application layers of development. CentreIT's understanding of holistic system performance can make recommendations for the specific design to support the best performance and still protect your data.

    Conversion and Aggregation

    CentreIT has supported over 25 different databases from small client databases in Access, Dbase, FoxPro, Clipper, MySQL to large databases in Oracle, Sybase, SQLServer, UDB/DB2, and Informix across Unix and Windows platforms. Conversion from one database to another, often requires and understanding of the specific database on each end of the conversion. Use of custom developed tools and multiple database tools allow CentreIT to quickly convert from one database to another. Direct efforts, derived data, or aggregation efforts allow us to convert existing information into a data warehouse consolidating all of your corporate information.

    Reporting and OLAP

    Upon completion of the database or warehouse, CentreIT can support the retrieval of your information into OLAP/MOLAP/ROLAP queries or into many different reporting tools. These tools can allow your company to access data across thousands of miles through web architecture. Once again, understanding of security and page-on-demand access can provide a secure high performance system to access your new consolidated information. Views into historical data and future projections based on this data can quickly provide cost savings across all corporate areas.

    Maintenance and Performance Tuning

    Once completed, as your data warehouse grows, CentreIT can provide maintenance and archiving support. In addition, as your data grows, performance and tuning modifications can be completed to continue to provide quick retrieval of information to all corporate users. As one of the experts internationally, CentreIT has seen results of as much as 500% improvement in retrieval speed across hundreds of clients.