• CentreJust - Court Case Management System.

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    The "CentreJust" Court Case Management System, part of the "Centre" product suite, sets the standard for District and Circuit Court case tracking. The CentreJust application uses the latest web-based technologies to deliver the most efficient and user friendly application for all of our clients court case tracking needs. CentreJust maintains every aspect of case tracking from "Screening" cases based upon initial arrest, through to the final Court Case and Post trial details.

  • Centrejust Product Architecture Diagram
  • Secure

    In keeping with the ever increasing demand upon information security on the internet and intranets, the CentreJust Case Management System maintains the highest security standards. CentreJust maintains five levels of security within its infirstructure. These levels include database, application, module, user and permission security levels in addition to physical network security.


    The CentreJust infrastructure is designed for scalability within your organization. Whether your organization has on or one hundred case managers or whether your organization may grow or change, CentreJust will change with you. The web-based Administration Console feature allows for easy update of many data-driven functions within the application. Updates of many advanced features including picklists, personnel updates, statistics category selection and closing, reactivating and expunging of cases can be completed with ease.


    CentreJust used the latest web based technology including ASP, Com+, Web Services, .Net, XML, SQLServer/Sybase to provide for a quick implementation into your organization. Web based technology also allows for minimum configuration changes to your current architecture so you can be up and running quickly.

  • Seat Licensing

    With the release of the new CentreJust Case Management System, CentreIT has introduced the "CentreJust Seat Licensing Model". The introduction of this model allows organizations of any size whether small, mid-range or large to access the full application functionality at a cost effective price. With CentreJust seat licensing, a small organization pays only for the number of users required and receives the full functionality without paying for a custom system. This way, organizations now tracking by spreadsheets can have the same capapbilities as larger organizations with a hundred attorneys. Minimize your budget expenditures by adding seat licenses gradually spread over multiple fiscal years.

    Capabilities of the CentreJust Court Case Management System include :

    • System Administration Console
    • User and Security Database
    • Screening Case
    • Related Persons
    • Juvenile Court Case
    • Adult Court Case
    • Charges Tracking
    • Event Tracking
    • Case Statistics
    • Post-Trial Events
    • Subsequent Offender
    • Bad Check Tracking
    • Forfeiture Tracking
    • Document Creation
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Search