program & project management

  • Project Management

    CentreIT has a track record of project completion on time and within budget. We are proud of our efforts treating all personnel from small teams to large teams equally. Making each person a contributor in the project lets teams feel a part of the effort. Allowing team members to contribute to schedules has consistently allowed us to meet deliverables on time and provide a quality product. One of our specialty areas is to provide outsourced project management to projects in crisis, implementing standards and pulling teams together to meet even the most unreasonable schedules.

    Team Leading

    CentreIT provides Project Managers, Technical Architects/Leads, Data Architects, System Architects and Development Leads to support teams of 2-10, on to larger up to 250 person project teams. Scheduling tools used for tracking consist of Microsoft Project, Time, and to provide online statuses. CentreIT Personnel have a technical and management expertise and can easily switch into discussions between business users and technical developers to expedite product development.


    CentreIT has supported full methodology developments in ISO9000, SEI, CMM as well as taking the benefits from full methodology to a streamlined commercial development approach. We can support you in furthering your current corporate methodology to migrate into a full methodology program. We can help provide methodology procedures as well as guide your corporate members to understand and implement projects using this methodology. Should you desire just a higher quality methodology, CentreIt has developed several streamline methodologies to help provide the high quality of the formal methodology, but streamlined to provide for quick product releases. 

    Contact us to speak to one of our sales representatives so we can help to support your management and methodology needs.